Afterdoom EP

by The Afternoon Gentlemen

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Afterdoom CD EP - self-released sometime in 2009, 100 copies.


released June 6, 2009

Recorded by The Afternoon Gentlemen, mastered by Rob H at Silent City studios, Leeds.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Drunk By Lunchtime
Drunk By Lunchtime

I feel the morning sunshine,
Wake on my park bench bed,
No choice, there's nothing for it,
Just sit and rot my head.
The offies start to open,
Much to my great relief,
These coins I kept especially,
For something strong and cheap...
Breakfast - liquid again,
Down it - get more,
Whatever I can get,
Drunk by lunch again...
Track Name: If I Can't Have Anything I'll Have Nothing
Lyrics forgotten.
Track Name: Slow And Unsteady (Always Lose The Race)
Slow And Unsteady (Always Lose The Race)

Walking home - dead stare,
Pissed and stoned - stoned,
Marching drone.
Stumbling alone,
Blind fucking drunk,
Pockets full of dead stones.
Left alone - barely alive,
Feeble groan - slow,
Stumble home.
Now you're home,
Everything's worse,
Choke and fall on a bone.
You're a mess - a fucking mess,
No hope at all.
You're hopeless game - fuck this shit,
Snow piss-holes,
Eyes like a cunt - eyes of a stoat,
All the soul of a toad.