Grind In The Mind 7"

by The Afternoon Gentlemen

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'Grind In The Mind' 3-track 7"
Out now, self-released 7" limited to 300 copies with free patch.


released July 17, 2014

Recorded mixed and mastered by Rob H at Silent City, Leeds



all rights reserved
Track Name: Grind In The Mind
Grind In The Mind

Blasting drums and piercing screams
Fuzzed out bass, guitars unclean
Crushing noise destroys my ears
Still best after all these years.
I’m a man of simple needs
Just constant grind and booze and weed
Moment that the blast kicks in
Faces split with stupid grins.

Grind in the mind

Even when I go to sleep
In my dreams I hear a blastbeat
Sitting at home or in the street
Tapping on tables, double kick feet.

In my headphones or on tape
Stereo, or a show
No escape
Searching distros or online
Make each new release be mine.

Grind in the mind
Track Name: Mind On The Grind
Mind On The Grind

Wake up sick, thirsty and cold,
Feel old but won’t make old bones.

Sands of time grind slow and fine,
Boredom bites we mark our time,
Worn out shells with faces grey,
Bodies starting to decay.
Some time soon we’ll rue the day,
Groundhog life, just one escape –
One thing keeps us going on...
Drown your mind until it's gone.

First thirst grows,
Then you lose your self control,
Afflicted, addicted,
Unclear thoughts,
All you crave is more and more,
Reckless in excess and fucked...
Beaten brains, filthy stains,
Collapsed veins, no more pain.

Drink long and deep,
This moment cannot last for long
This poisoned chalice
Kills the body salves the soul.

Hopelessly finite,
Last pennies spent,
Nowt left to burn,
Soon sober lament,
All renounce it,
Sickness repent,
Mind on the grind,
Tomorrow again.
Track Name: Still By The Still
Still by the Still

Craft brewed ale or
Mass produced piss?
Out of date K -
Can you afford to miss?

Its inside I [x3]
Supply won’t dry
They’ll supply my [x3]
Urge to slowly die.

Why don’t we try
to solve our misconceptions?
Content to comply
With constant indigestion.

Self-medicate - prescription
You've crossed the line,
It’s clear.
This life, of which I’m apart...
They have won - don’t hope
To accelerate - gone
Profits from your demise - old foe
Know thine enemy - I know

Draining, straining, killing, gaining,
I lie still by the still...

Dead stares,
The joke’s not changing.
Must you consume,
Til still by the still?