The Afternoon Gentlemen​/​Chiens Split 7"

by The Afternoon Gentlemen

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The Afternoon Gentlemen/Chiens Split 7" - released by Dead Heroes Bros, I Feel Good, Give Praise and Tombs In The Valley. 500 copies on white vinyl with poster, sticker + download card.


released January 9, 2012

Recorded by Rob H at Silent City studios, Leeds.



all rights reserved
Track Name: F.T.T

August 2011,
Cities burn,
The country plunges into turmoil,
The worm has turned...
Glass will smash,
Chavs will steal,
Pigs will kill,
Wounds won't heal,
Cameron's spouting false ideals.
Answers? There are none.
Burning, looting,
Robbing, shooting,
Homes on fire,
Flames rise higher.
Hatred and violence, so quick to rise,
'Big Society' exposed as lies,
Laying the blame...
Buller boys, oh so rich,
Tory cunts, hypocrites,
Bring this country to it's knees.
Track Name: Doins Head
Doins Head

All day baking,
But there`s no bread,
Whirling swirling doins head.
Track Name: Bin Lurker
Bin Lurker

Waitrose wheelies locked up tight,
Ultimate frustrating sight,
Lurk the bins...
Crammed with finest Bourgeois scran,
Perfect food going down the pan,
Fillet steaks and parma ham,
Or long-life bread and cans of Spam...
Poggers root through the bins,
Hoping for a rake of tins,
Bad luck - get denied,
Chased away by the pigs – utter shit.
'Waste not want not',
Cheese cartels,
Whilst you go hungry...
Sainsbury`s, Asda, Tesco Express,
Wasteful bastards couldn`t care less.
Track Name: Hungry

Keep it hungry, keep it lean,
Keep it old school, keep it mean,
Keep it hungry, keep it lean,
Keep it old school, keep it mean.
Don`t expect shit,
Lack of food destroys a man.
Fuck entitlement,
Give it all your body can.
Keep it hungry, keep it lean,
Keep it old school, keep it mean,
Keep it hungry, keep it lean,
Keep it grindcore fuck the scene.
Track Name: Scum Of The Earth
Scum of the Earth

Waiting in the line,
Charity creates resentment.
Jump through hoops, sign your name,
Come back later, play the game.
Just don't you tell me what the fuck to do.
Give me cash, get me smashed.
Can't work - born to lounge,
No point - just scrounge.
Scum of the Earth.
Track Name: 4/4

4/4 groove hits bang on time,
Mid-paced sections sound just fine,
Old school hip-hop, dubstep and grime,
Slam-death metal is borderline.
Tech-metal rhythms are way too fancy,
13/7 timings like Messhuggah?
Get the fuck out you muso poncey buggers!
Simple fastcore sounds the best,
Nothing can beat Lärm or Infest.
Contrived styles can never win,
Dillinger clones go in the bin.
Hardcore breakdowns, weighty dubs,
Boom-bap beats before the pub,
Jazz musicians still get cred but
That won`t stop me banging my head,
We`ll keep thrashing til we`re dead.
It's too hard counting when we are so pissed,
That's why we love playing 4/4.