The Afternoon Gentlemen​/​Cyborg Split 7"

by The Afternoon Gentlemen

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The Afternoon Gentlemen/Cyborg Split 7" - released May 2011 by RSR. 500 copies.


released May 5, 2011

Recorded by Rob H at Silent City studios, Leeds.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Good Morning Gentlemen
Good Morning Gentlemen

Stepped out of the train station's shelter,
In the cafe it's all the same,
They sneer, think you're worthless,
Hiding behind their spare change.
But the shame is in their lies...
Instead of judging their lives
Why don't you sit back and take a look at your fucking own...
Go on out face your day,
Your structured life's so fucking tough,
Spend your wage on comfort you numb fucking cunt.
Track Name: Tache Thrash
'Tache Thrash

Grow your ‘tache,
Shave your beard,
Bare your chin,
Get it cleared.
Beards versus ‘taches -
Who is going to win?
The beards are long and pointy,
But the ‘tache is fast and thin.
Brown, ginger or grey,
Fuck trends of the day,
Hirsute is the way!
Weeper, horse-shoe, English-style (‘tache thrash).
Fu Manchu, soup-strainer, walrus - never Hitler.
Dali, pencil, handle-bar (‘tache thrash).
Hungarian, imperial, au naturale,
Or just freestyle...
What a splendid moustache.
Track Name: Boozejoogler

Mucky old coat,
Green woolly hat,
Pants that mourn the death of a cat,
Coming out of Londis in the middle of the day,
Ready to drink the afternoon away...
Pockets are stuffed,
With tins of super-strength,
Ready to be cleansed...
Joogle it down - beer for life.
Coming out the offie,
Dropping all his shit,
Can already open,
Lips trembling for a drip...
Totally oblivious,
To the outside world,
Normals at the bus-stop stare at him
With their lips curled.
Hell boozer...
But he doesn’t see,
And doesn’t give a fuck,
Cos he is on the smash,
And can't believe his luck...
Classic booze joogler -
True afternoon gent.
Track Name: Bus Fare Saviour
Bus Fare Saviour

Afternoon gent scraping alms,
20p saviour finally comes,
Gent gets bus,
Moments later a miracle ensues...
From clear to red,
Tramp takes another step,
Twelve more bus stops ‘til heaven.
From spazz to retard,
Today was a special day.
Track Name: Seven Deadly Tins
The Seven Deadly Tins

Here lie the seven deadly tins,
Each of the most severe sins,
You want to drink them, drink them all,
Which of them will be your downfall?
Pride, lust, envy - never free to choose,
'Thou shalt not covert thine own neighbours booze'.
Endless urge to
Quaff all the Special Brew,
Drunken, debauched,
Asleep on the porch.
Wrath - an alcoholic rage,
Cursing smiting legless haze.
Gluttonous thirst,
Your soul is cursed,
Seven tins,
Dripping chins,
Empties binned,
Mortal sins,
The end has begun...
Pissed again and damned to hell.