The Afternoon Gentlemen​/​OSK Split 7"

by The Afternoon Gentlemen

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TAG/OSK Split 7" - released January 2011 by Active Rebellion, Dead Heroes Bros, Just Say No!, Rawer Breath and Undislessed. 500 copies.


released January 5, 2011

Recorded by Rob H at Silent City studios, Leeds.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Rusty Axe Through Aaron Turner's Head
Rusty Axe Through Aaron Turner's Head

Short-haired clean-shirts posing in a row,
Epic structures, big crescendos,
All in flannel and twenty pedals deep,
Ready to rock their bland fans to sleep.
Bullshit post-rock trend....
Loud-quiet-loud-quiet obvious style,
Gatefold double-vinyl’s stacked in a pile,
Po-faced noodling that never seems to end,
Boring bullshit post-rock trend....
Songs so long that they ran out of tape,
Slavishly copying the bands they ape,
Isis, Jesu, Red Sparrows,
Boring bullshit.
Mogwai, Pelican, Godspeed! and Mono,
Hundreds of clones by this time tomorrow,
You say this style is supposed to be epic,
I find it so unoriginal its pathetic!
Post-rock bullshit....
Emotional sound that’s so contrived,
Top notch gear but boring live,
Soon enough this shit will be dead,
Rusty axe through Aaron Turner's head.
Track Name: Be A Dick
Be A Dick

Looking at hardcore today,
Too much bullshit gets its way,
All the good bands are talking shit,
Obviously its time to quit.
Endless Blockade, Iron Lung
Do these bands have any fun?
Always striking the 'angry' pose,
Serious-minded equals boring shows.
Insect Warfare shirts in the pit,
Even cooler now they've split.
Bronson hoody, Infest patch,
Skip the show, download the tracks,
Don’t own any of their stuff on wax.
Grindcore elitism clearly sells,
But not without the familiar smell,
Join the latest cool cartel,
Purest purist bullshit lies,
Merchandise sales hit the skies!
Track Name: Know Harder
Know Harder

Must try harder?
Just know harder.
Hip pastiche,
Standard fodder
For the freaks.
Trying too hard -
Know harder.
Break sweat,
Use your brain,
Or be fucking lame.
Track Name: S.M.B
Lyrics withheld.