The Afternoon Gentlemen​/​Suffering Mind Split 7"

by The Afternoon Gentlemen

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The Afternoon Gentlemen/Suffering Mind Split 7" - released by Bones Brigade, Bullshit Propaganda, Crucificados, I Feel Good, Tombs In The Valley. 500 copies on clear vinyl + download card.


released January 28, 2012

Recorded by Rob H at Silent City studios, Leeds.



all rights reserved
Track Name: Kill A Banker
Kill A Banker

Private risks become social debts,
Never forgive, never forget...
Massive cuts due to their mistakes,
How much shit from them will we take?
Take them by the necks,
Kill the suits who wrote the cheques,
Unaccountable until the end,
Stab the cunts with ball-point pens
Track Name: Poggy Trou
Poggy Trou

Poggy trou x8
We wear poggy trou.
Track Name: Booze Gel Hell
Booze Gel Hell

Broke my arm - fuck's sake,
Can't drink booze - got the shakes,
Massive blag - ball-ache,
Got the fear - still awake...
Pissers on ward nine,
Something caught my beady eye,
Bright pink drink shining bright,
Pops off the wall to my delight,
Booze gel hell.
New-age sensation is all over the news,
NHS clamp-down with the militant screws...
No I won't be refused.
Ethyl and Isopropyl,
From the bag, fuck the bottle.
Booze gel hell, my new best friend,
Cleanly oesophagus on which I depend.
Track Name: Get Fucked
Get Fucked

Every day is a waste of time,
Nothing fills my empty mind,
No point trying to make my life have some value.
All is want to do is just getting fucking wrecked,
Drugs or booze or glue,
And you should get fucked too.
I won`t change,
You can`t help,
Just give up.
Track Name: Nuclear Terror
Nuclear Terror

Fukushima disaster,
Earthquake, reactor leak,
Nuclear terror on the streets.
Leaders speak to calm our spirits,
Crust bands write piles of new lyrics.
Track Name: Let's Stink
Let`s Stink

For a crusty clean is the fear,
We all know soap is way too dear,
Save our cash for buying beer.
I take pride in my unique smell,
Lather punx can go to hell,
Suck my Gorgonzola bell!
In the pit don`t get too close (I stink),
Unless you peg your nose.
Stinking poggers in the pit,
Reek of sweat and booze and cigs.
No time to wash, head for the mosh.
Punx say `I stink therefore I am`.